Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Story - Now In Print!

Finally... after seven years of life together, we decided to publish our book to share our journey with a wider audience. It took us more than two months to select, collate, write-up and proof-read before we deemed it ready for release. Here is the book cover:

It is available on Amazon and CreateSpace e-Store for those who wish to get a copy. Preview is available online with selected pages for reading. Here is the book content:

There are a total of seven chapters, and each chapter has its own cute couple graphics to depict the story topic of that chapter. We're sure you'll love them!

Latest: After the initial sales and distribution to friends, we've gotten some good feedback from them. A friend who is involved in overseas family outreach requested that we include some practical advice or exercises to help readers retain what they learned from our experiences. After some discussion, we decided to append an additional section to the end of each chapter: Explore and Apply. It consists of three sub-sections: Straight Talk, Self-Assessment, and Practical Suggestions. That's a 20% increased in the book content at the same price! Interested readers may want to go to Amazon and preview the materials.

For those who prefer the Chinese version, the book has been translated into Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese also.

Thanks for dropping by and for your support too!

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